Self-healing impulses

Every body whether human or animal has enormous self-healing systems. In most painful suffering people have gone through this false cell information, accidents, bad posture, turned Branden beliefs, substance abuse, etc. out of hand. This self-regulation forces must be re-activated, so that the correct information is sent to the right places. This works with a sophisticated grip pulse encoder technology which activates the self-regulation of the organism and can influence complaints of any kind low. In pain and movement restrictions Instant effects can be observed in some cases.

Therapeutically a gentle technique of the muscel and fascia
with a special combination of precise attacks of effective points of the body, the muscle and fascia are vibrated and the energy flow balanced. The object of the pulse technique the organism with minimal To permit intervention to regulate itself again and to activate the self-healing mechanisms

The most common demand is at rugetik

  •      Back pain - during pregnancy -
  •      scoliosis
  •      sciatica
  •      Shoulder / neck tension
  •      Frozen Shoulder
  •      torticollis
  •      Tennis elbow
  •      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  •      Pelvic obliquity
  •      knee problems
  •      Ankle pain and weakness esp. After
  •      Od inversion. Eversion trauma
  •      Pain of the feet, for example, by hammertoes
  •      od. Halux valgus, etc ...
  •      In particular, complaints by arthritis belong to the classical fields of application.
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