Vita-life Magnet-Resonanz-Stimulation

Healthy cell, healthy person

The R-System from Vita - Life has been used successfully in sports for years.
Whether running, winter sports, mountain biking, hiking or extreme sports - the VITA-LIFE systems established themselves in sports a long time ago. Numerous testimonials tell of the many successes of the magnetic field.

The R-System can be used in many ways
Pain is relieved and recovery from injuries is accelerated.
The oxygen supply in the whole body functions better.
the immune system is strengthened and blood circulation improves
the metabolism really gets going
The VITA-LIFE R-System exclusiv in the Vitalhotel Erica can be used to support preventive health care, relaxation and activation as well as to support healing treatments. Through a biofeedback system, it always adjusts itself optimally to your body. VITA-LIFE works closely with researchers and doctors all over the world; the results of numerous medical studies went into the development of the VITA-LIFE R system.
The VITA-LIFE R system generates a pulsating magnetic field in the low-frequency range that can support your body in long-term health care. The application is very simple: You lie down on the whole-body applicator ("magnetic field mat") start the programme and relax.

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