The Vitalpina Hotel Erica in South Tyrol

The Vitalpina Hotel Erica in South Tyrol

Welcome to Vitalhotel Erica, a member of Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol! We are proud to be part of this prestigious hotel group and offer our guests a unique experience in a stunning environment.

Our philosophy of the 4 pillars - Nature & Sustainability, Health & Well-being, Vacation & New Work, and Vitality & Activity - is at the heart of our offerings. We want you to feel at home with us and be inspired by our offerings that help you feel your best.

Experience the beauty of nature in South Tyrol and relax with our nature experiences and sustainability initiatives to relieve stress and tension. Promote your health and well-being with our offerings for health and wellness. Take advantage of your vacation to gain new perspectives for your work and rejuvenate. And let our activities inspire you to strengthen your body and stay fit.

As a member of Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol, you benefit from a unified concept and high quality in all areas. You can rely on a unique experience in a familial and esteemed environment.

Experience the best of nature, health, and relaxation at Vitalhotel Erica, a member of Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol. We look forward to welcoming you!
    Vitalpina Escapist . Deep breathing

    The Vitalpina deep-breathing programme includes guided Breathe Hikes and breathing exercises. These breathing relaxation modules hone the senses and can be performed while standing, sitting or lying .

    With the help of calming or stimulating breathing techniques we help you to get going in the morning, to appreciate active relaxation during the outdoor programme, to recharge your energy levels as necessary and, finally, to enjoy a good night's sleep.

    Vitalpina Escapist . Forest bathing

    The Vitalpina Hotels of South Tyrol have recognised the great potential of forest therapy and, together with an expert guide for natural and forest therapy, they have developed a special Escapist programme. Come and experience the feel-good effect for yourself!

    Forest bathing as part of the Vitalpina Escapist offer consists of a 60-90-minute session in the forests surrounding the hotel. By performing five guided nature-related sensory exercises, guests are able to focus their attention away from their thoughts and towards nature instead, escaping from the burdens, demands and responsibilities of everyday life.

    Forest bathing

    • reduces stress
    • promotes relaxation
    • reduces the heart rate and blood pressure
    • improves sleep quality
    • inhibits chronic inflammation
    • brightens the mood and
    • relieves pain symptoms.
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