Kopie von From Deutschnofen to Maria Weissenstein

Popular pilgrims' route to the most important place of pilgrimage in South Tyrol

Deutschnofen - Gasthof "Zur Kehr" - Maria Weißenstein - Petersberger leger - Laabalm - Deutschnofen

All roads lead to Rome… and many lead to the most important place of pilgrimage in South Tyrol, to Maria Weißenstein. On the Reggelberger plateau, at the feet of the Weißhorn from which it gets its name, the town has ancient pilgrim tradition. Evidence of this is to be found in the in the carefully maintained pilgrims' paths, which converge from all directions. The one from Deutschnofen is short in any case, and leads through magnificent mountain forests and romantic gorges.

This walk, which is very peaceful, contemplative and full of variety, is not recommended simply because of its scenic attractions and the beautiful panorama; it has more to offer. The place of pilgrimage Maria Weißenstein is situated 1,520 metres above sea level, and is the most significant and the most-visited place of grace in South Tyrol. The people of South Tyrol keep up the custom of going on pilgrimage to Weißenstein at least once a year.

The pilgrimage route is today closed to vehicular traffic starting at the inn on the Kehr, which has always been an important wayside hostelry. From the Kehr onwards the pilgrimage route is still maintained in its original, centuries-old state of construction. After the inn on the Kehr we come to a masonry wayside shrine after a short walk, and from this point the pilgrim is accompanied as far as the place of pilgrimage by the stations of the cross, which were erected some years ago by the hunters of Deutschnofen. 

At the Weißensteiner sawmill, which is now in ruins, but on which the wood for the grand Weißensteiner Hof was cut, the path begins to climb steeply. One kilometre later, you are rewarded for your efforts by the beautiful view on arriving at the top. The walk is rounded off by the stroll around the place of pilgrimage, a tour of the church and the monastery, and a walk to the St Leonhard hermitage.

Walking times: Total walking time 3 1/2 hours
Requirements: An easy, medium-length walk on marked paths and forest roads
Height differences: 450 m up and down
Highest point: Laab Alm 1,648 m
Possible refreshment stops: Gasthof Weißenstein, Jausenstation Petersberger Leger, Laabalm, Jausenstation Arche.
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