Latemar Meadows 1915 m

An oasis of flowers below the cliffs

Karerpass - Latemar meadows - Geplänklacke - Karerforst - Karerpass

In nature as in life, the most beautiful things are often concealed behind an inconspicuous façade.
Or would anyone in the dark Karer forest, hard by the Latemar, guess that there were also some delightful, gentle intrusions? But they are here, in the region of the Erzlahnkar, at the Bewaller, the Mitterleger and on the Latemar meadows. From the Karer Pass there is a beautiful forest track leading up to them, into an area of magical contrasts, with a carpet of flowers below the walls of the Dolomites rearing up to the heavens. Anyone who enjoys spending time away from the hurly burly, in quiet spots in the mountains, will certainly find pleasure during this hiking tour.

From the Karer Pass, past the Café Antermont, up a rustic lane to the south to a junction and, keeping to the right, southwestwards over the Fontane meadows to where the path divides again. Bear left down cart track no. 17, below a ski tow, then steeply upwards in the forest to an intersecting road. Following this to the right, to the wonderful Latemar meadows and across them (following the marker posts) to the southwest, up onto a hill (1,915 m) where the path divides. Bear right onto a marked path through the forest, leading steeply down to the southwest into the elevated valley at the northern foot of the Latemar, and there to path no. 18. On it, descend from the right-hand side of the elevated valley in a westerly direction to the Geplänklacke (approx. 1,750 m) and on to the intersection with path no. 21. Following this to the right in the Karer Forest, first uphill to the north, then to the right (northeast) to a junction. Continue on the forest track through the forest to the Fontane meadows and back to the Karer Pass

Walking times: Total walking time 2 hours
Requirements: A simple, short walk on marked paths and forest tracks.
Height differences: 180 m up and down
Highest point: The hills in the area of the Latemar meadows, 1,915 m.
Possible refreshment stops: Gasthof Rosengarten, Hotel Savoy, Cafe Antermont
Sights: The enchanting Latemar meadows in front of the magnificent northern faces of the Latemar range.
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