Monasteries and Churches

South Tyrol is a land with a long tradition, which its people have preserved to the present day. Numerous churches and monasteries have exceptional architecture and are of great cultural and historical value—bearing witness to this tradition. Perhaps the most well known is the pilgrimage church of Maria Weißenstein, to which many a South Tyrolean makes a pilgrimage every year. The church is accessible via a steep path from the village of Leifers; the journey takes about four hours. The Parish Church of Saints Ulrich and Wolfgang, the little Church of Saints Helena and Agatha, the Franciscan church, and the Dominican church are just some examples of the many churches and monasteries that rank amongst South Tyrol’s most spectacular cultural treasures. A trip to the Cathedral of the Assumption, which is the episcopal see and symbol of the city of Bolzano, is a must for your cultural holiday.
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