From Wellness to Snow Wellness

The benefits of heating and cooling the body and alternating these phases have been well known for centuries.

Warmth is for us security, security and signals us love. As a rule, heat is found to be more pleasant than cold. The hot water bottle, hot poultices, compresses or the cherry pit pillow on the abdomen for stomach problems are a classic picture. Every heat application, whether infrared lamp, infra-red cabin, sauna, steam bath or hay bath, all these types of heating applications are ideal for warming the skin and the body. Important and essential, however, is the subsequent cooling of the skin.

The heat calms and soothes, slowing internal organ activity. The cold, in contrast, stimulates and reinvigorates, increasing the activity. The sudden temperature change combats stress and stimulates the body and mind. The positive effects are increasingly long-lasting and profound, the longer and more precise the treatment.

Conventional wellness often provides cooling methods that use cold water or ice, often considered to be unpleasant, wet and too extreme.

Using the Dr. Thuile method, the AreaSana SnowRoom can be considered as revolution in the wellness area.
In the AreaSana SnowRoom the compact dry snow and the crisp cold allow for rapid and efficient cooling that is extraordinarily gentle, mild and pleasurable.
Wellness has evolved. Wellbeing is revolutionized with AreaSana Snowellness.


In order to enjoy the many advantages of AreaSana Snowellness, the method according to Dr. Christian Thuile can be used, which has been tested by over two hundred people in a long test phase.

The heart of Dr. Thuile method is without doubt the cold and dry snow of the AreaSana SnowRoom. It alone is able to bring about a temperature change that is subjectively as gentle as possible, since the considerable temperature difference between the 90°C of the sauna and the -10°C of the SnowRoom stresses our bodies much less because we do not find this cooling unpleasant, and therefore we feel less stressed overall than would be the case with the comparable temperature differences in wet cold.

The method employs the traditional principles of changing between cold and warmth and complements them with the possibilities of the AreaSana SnowRoom: it consists of three successive phases, the body and mind of the warming relaxation in the sauna, the pleasant burst of energy in the SnowRoom and leads to a gentle conclusion of the well-being, thereby to achieve the maximum benefit from the entire cycle.
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