100 % natural cosmetics at the Erica

Our partner: VITALIS Dr. Joseph

In our search for a new natural cosmetics line and great labels, we came across Team Dr Joseph!
Effective - pure - natural.
Our partner: VITALIS Dr. Joseph
In VITALIS Dr. Joseph we ...

Brine Water Bath

Atomised sea salt as well as extracts of essential oils of eucalyptus and mint cleanse and nourish the airways, lungs and bronchial tubes at around 45° Celsius.
Thanks to the special brine and steam technology in combination with the radiant heat of the cabin that we use at Vitality Hotel Erica, a climate exists which corresponds to a stay by the sea! The rose quartz with its caring properties is good for the soul!


Snow sauna - the new wellness revolution

Snowellness from Area Sana - exclusively at Vitalhotel Erica

a method according to Dr. med Christian Thuile

Kneipp treatments work according to a simple ...


Hightech Natural Cosmetics

In the 21st century, high performance can only come from professional teams - of this we are certain. Every day, we follow our pioneering calling to combine cosmetics, advanced technology, nature, ...

Kneipp Bath

The cold/warm Kneipp bath with temperatures between 10 and 38° C support the hardening and the revitalisation of the body, and is therefore also highly recommended during the period of recovery after an illness. The changing metabolism and the excretion of waste products are stimulated and the immune system is strengthened. Regular Kneipp baths counteract troubles in the autonomic nervous system as well as common illnesses.

Bio-Sauna – Brechel Bath

This type of sauna, which is often called a inhalation and sweat parlour, is popular at Vitality Hotel Erica, above all due to its pleasant temperature of around 55° C and the herbal infusion, which changes daily. 
The stimulating, healing or calming effects of the aromas released by the increase in temperature improves the well-being and can also, according to the level of effect, have a positive influence on various medical conditions. A carpet of fir branches from the forests of South Tyrol release a pleasant aroma during the sauna, and in addition, stimulate the reflexes in the soles of your feet.

Gluten free

More and more people suffering from celiac disease and must rely on a gluten-free cooking. You want to finally enjoy a gluten-free vacation in a ...
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