Around the Rosengarten peak

A demanding circular tour through the heart of the Rosengarten range

Rosengarten lodge - Santnerpass-Klettersteig - Santnerpass - Gartl lodge - Gartlschlucht - Vajolet lodge, Tschagerjoch - Rosengarten lodge

You should be well-rested for this tour, as it demands the full use of all your physical and mental energy. Less seasoned walkers could learn the meaning of fear on the Santner Pass climb, when wetness, snow and ice coat the wire cables and ladders with a slippery patina. But under dry conditions and with the appropriate experience, the hurdles can be overcome. The highpoint of the circuit is the Santner Pass, where we are granted fantastic views over the southerly Vajolet Towers and the Central Alps. Cassandra-like calls about the "mass invasion of the Dolomites" pale at the sight of this majesty. Because where else should people go to experience such a feeling of awe, than to this breathtaking alpine scenario of South Tyrol.

From the Rosengarten lodge on path 550 (Warning! Do not take the old path further to the right, leading upwards!) up an 80 m rock prominence (climbing points, wire cable) in an easterly direction to a boulder-strewn terrace where the path divides. Path no. 542 to the left (Santner Pass Climb) in a northerly direction to the foot of the southwest face of the Rosegarten peak. Up the face through chimneys and by means of belts (wire cables, iron ladders) to the wind gap with the prominent Schroffenegger -Nadel. 40 metres down a chimney (wire cable) into a steep, often ice-covered gulley. Up on its left-hand side, then across vertical rocks through a chimney into a wind gap. An airy crossing on the other side, then up a 20-metre chimney to the Santner Pass (2734 m). 

On the other side (path no. 542), down the left-hand side of the Gartl-Kares to the Laurins Pass (approx. 2,650 m) and down to the right to the Gartl lodge (2,621 m). Through the steep gorge of the Gartlschlucht over stepped rocks (climbing sections) down into the Vajolet valley, and there, on path no. 584, to the right to the Vajolet and Preuß lodges(2243 m)

Then take path no. 546 towards the Vajolet valley and fork right onto path 541. Up this path across scree slopes, then through a steep little valley to a defile below the eastern face of the Rosengarten peak, on onward in a southerly direction to where the path divides. Up to the right on Path 550, to the southwest, finally over scree and slopes to the left to the Tschagerjoch, 2,630 m. Down through a steep gorge on the other side to a junction, and on a familiar path to the Rosengarten lodge

Walking times: Total walking time 4 3/4 - 5 hours
Requirements: A long, demanding tour. For experienced climbers only
Height differences: 900 m up and down
Highest point: Santner Pass 2,734 m
Possible refreshment stops: Several lodges along the way .
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