Gluten free

More and more people suffering from celiac disease and must rely on a gluten-free cooking. You want to finally enjoy a gluten-free vacation in a hotel, without worrying about, what they are allowed to eat or go without good food to have. Through their allergy, they are restricted in many dishes and many hotels not designed.

We offer a gluten-free vacation you can enjoy culinary delights at every base without worrying about your well-being need. Our chef Mario Di Giuseppe prepares from the breakfast until to dinner gluten-free menues.


  • gluten-free pasta,
  • homemade gluten-free gnocchi,
  • sausages all be purchased from the butcher "Siebenförcher" guarantees us a gluten-free production
  • selected types of bread, partly homemade (served at the table)
  • gluten-free pastry with tasty cakes and desserts
  • All gluten-free dishes are featured on our menu to be sure,
  • Our house also omitted a gluten-free area sothere is no danger of contamination
  • for the afternoon snack, a separate plate of pastries prepared for you.
  • Enjoy a gluten-free holiday in the Dolomites and it is Ihnenan missing anything. We care for your well-being with our cuisine and gluten-free dishes.
  • Our chef will be happy to provide them additional questions.
  • The surcharge for the gluten-free food is € 10.00 / day.
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