The Hirzlweg in King Laurin's rocky realm

An alpine promenade with fantastic views, the start and finish points of which can be reached with ease; this is ideal for the visitor to the Karer Lake and Karer Pass region, switching quickly from one valley to the other, whether from the Eggental to the Tierser valley or to the Fassatal or vice versa.

You really should schedule plenty of time for this undemanding stroll, not because the route is a long one, but because there is simply a great deal to see and observe.

Nor is it that important whether the walk starts at Paolina or at the Kölner hut; both are easily accessible by chairlift, which spares your heart and lungs on the way up, and your ankles on the way down. In between there are hours of fantastic experiences, walking past geological outcrops that give a brief insight into the composition of the Dolomites and their substrate, and with views over the rocky wilderness of the jagged Latemarstock and the high mountains of Brenta Adamello-Presanella in Trentino far to the south.

You really have to lean right back to look at the vertical, and in places overhanging Rotwand, which rises to around 400 m, and there are frequently extreme climbers clinging like spiders, dragging themselves up centimetre by centimetre on tiny hand- and footholds.
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