We care about CO2

We care about environment

We at the Vitalpina Hotels have decided as one to join the Climate Neutrality Alliance in 2021. We are therefore the first hotel cooperative venture to commit to a calculation of its own carbon footprint and to become as climate-neutral as possible.

Various factors will be taken into account, such as the consumption of detergents in our laundries, the number of our service vehicles and the distances they drive, our water and electricity consumption and the number of overnight stays and meals provided to our guests and staff. The result will provide us with an exact figure in tonnes of the CO2 emissions produced by ourselves and our guests.

The three-year climate neutrality plan provides for set-off measures that will be invested in the climate projects of the Swiss non-profit foundation “myclimate” for the benefit of drinking water treatment in Uganda, communal reforestation in Nicaragua and mangrove afforestation and women’s rights in Myanmar.
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