Latemar Höhenweg (western section)

A family tour for higher expectations

Oberholzlift - mountain station - Meierl Alm - Zischgalm - Satteljoch - Latemar Höhenweg - Erzlahnkar - Obereggen

The "Latemar Höhenweg", which links the area of the Eggentaler mountain pastures with the Karer Pass region, is one of the most rewarding enterprises in the region of the Eggentaler mountains. You start the western section of the route, from Satteljoch to Erzlahnkar, at the top station of the Oberholzlift. The descent to Obereggen represents a dream tour on clear, sunny days!

From the Oberholz mountain station go 50 m to the south, to a junction in the path. Go straight on along number 23, by the wooded western slope of the Latemar, and down to the Maierl Alm. (2037 m). Down a rustic lane to the south to the Reiterjoch road (path no. 9) and up the latter to theReiterjoch (1,996 m wayside shrine). Along the road (path no. 505) below the Ganischgeralm, across meadows to the southeast to the Zischgalm (2006 m). Up path no. 504 across sloping pastures to the southeast, to the Satteljoch (2,121 m). Up the grass-covered back of the Cima Cavignon to the left (north) on path no. 516, to a shoulder (approx. 2,300). There, take path no. 22 to the left into the western side of the Latemar massif. Over grassed slopes to the north, down to a junction. Straight on down into a green hollow and up out of it to the left, to a large terraced meadow. Down over it and as far as a junction directly above the Oberholzlift – mountain station.

Straight on along path no. 22, then downhill in the forest and finally down a scree slope, and then right into the Erzlahnkar. Down the wooded elevated valley to a meadow in the bottom. On a vehicle track to the right-hand side of the valley, and there through the forest to a junction. Downhill to the west, to path no. 21a, and along this to the Obereggener Sattel (1,552 m) on an asphalt road. Go along it to the left to the Oberholzlift bottom station in Obereggen.

Walking times: Total walking time 4 - 4 1/2 hours
Requirements: An easy, not excessively strenuous walk
Height differences: 360 m up, 920 m down
Highest point: Shoulder, approx. 2,300 m on the south ridge of the Cima Cavignon
Possible refreshment stops: -
Sights: The views from the Latemar Höhenweg to the Crystalline Alps in the west and the north. The wildly romantic Erzlahnkar with still unspoiled nature.
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